Key/Value as a Service (KVaaS)

Get rid of all complicated configurations, setup scripts and maintenance for keeping your key/value data!

And Yes, it is free

Cloud Key/Value Store Service with REST API

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  • # Get a new key
  • curl -X POST

  • # Set value
  • curl -X POST

  • # Get value
  • curl
  • myValue

API Documentation

Client Libraries


Configuration Free

Forget millions of configurations to store just key/value pairs.

Ready to Ship

Test and ship your application with the same key/value store.

Free Forever

Values are stored forever as long as they are updated once within a week.

Developer Oriented

Designed by considering the development process.

Sample Use Cases

Distribute Configuration

Manage the configuration of distributed applications.

Synchronize Applications

Mutex for distributed applications in the cloud.

Collect Statistics

Gather metrics from distributed applications.

Service Discovery

Discover where your applications are running.


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